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Timex watches womens - Watch 8 simple rules online for free

Timex Watches Womens

timex watches womens

    timex watches
  • Timex Group USA, Inc. (formerly known as Timex Corporation), a subsidiary of Timex Group B.V., is headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut. The company is the current day successor to the Waterbury Clock Company, founded in 1854 in nearby Waterbury, Connecticut.

Timex watch easy reader

Timex watch easy reader

Timex Men's Easy Reader Brown Leather Watch model: T20041

I took the brown leather strap off and fitted the watch into a nice black leather wrist cuff with matching strap. I think this makes the Timex quartz watch look much nicer and certainly more comfortable to wear. It is still going after one year of using it; Powered by a tiny battery cell.

Timex Watch

Timex Watch

I used a DIY soft box and the available light coming from the sun. It really works. In creating the DIY soft box, it cost me around 150 pesos only using a box, tracing paper and a tape.:)

timex watches womens

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