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Armitron watchs. Watches with phone. Soccer referee watches

Armitron Watchs

armitron watchs

  • E. Gluck Corporation, founded in 1956 by its current President, Eugen Gluck, is an American watch manufacturer headquartered in Long Island City, New York. E. Gluck Corporation manufactures watches under two flagship brand names, Armitron and Anne Klein.

Shiny watch

Shiny watch

Now that i'm back i can enjoy the simplier things i left behind when i deployed, like this semi-fancy watch. no doubt had i tooken it with me it would been in bits and pieces before being one month in the desert.
More importantly though i was trying out this 18-200mm lens under macro conditions, one minor setback was that i had to use "bulb mode" and expose this capture for about 50 seconds. during which the little second hand caused the blur motion in side the watch.



Mar 14 068a/366

The very second I saw the time on my watch (while watching 007), I just HAD to take this picture! Coincidence, you ask? MOST DEFINITELY SO, FOLKS! Enjoy!

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armitron watchs

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