Watch Dexter Season 4 Episode 1

watch dexter season 4 episode 1

    episode 1
  • Episode 1 of the anthology television series '''' is the first episode of the program that was broadcast. It aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States on May 25, 1997. It starred its host for the first season, actor James Brolin, and was narrated by Don LaFontaine.

  • EastEnders was launched at a critical moment in the BBC's history and was intended to demonstrate the BBC's ability to produce popular programming. It started airing on the night after a major identity change for the channel, with the show representing the "new face" of the BBC.

  • Ashes to Ashes is a British science fiction/police procedural drama television series, serving as a spin-off from the original series, Life on Mars.

    season 4
  • The American situation comedy television series Friends was broadcast in 236 episodes over 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. The series was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, developed by Crane, Kauffman and Kevin S.

  • "Season 4" is the first episode of the fourth season of the American television comedy series 30 Rock, and the 59th episode overall. It was written by the series creator, executive producer and lead actress, Tina Fey and directed by series producer Don Scardino.

  • Air France 358 · British Airways 9 · Air Canada 797 · Korean Air 801 · United Airlines 585 / USAir 427 / Eastwind 517 · China Airlines 006 · Aeromexico 498 · United States Air Force 21 · Flash Airlines 604 · Helios Airways 522

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  • Of, on, or toward the right-hand side (in a coat of arms, from the bearer's point of view, i.e., the left as it is depicted)

  • This is a list of characters from the Cartoon Network series Dexter's Laboratory.

  • Dexter's Laboratory (commonly abbreviated as Dexter's Lab) is an American animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky and produced by Cartoon Network Studios (also co-produced with Hanna-Barbera in 1996-2001).

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so today went alright. i stayed at school last night. it was the first time i had slept there since sunday (horrible) night. and last night wasn't too good either. i can't really explain why. its just a horrible feeling. and idk. it sucks. and i hate sleeping there.

anyways. i woke up around one. and went to the bookstore to find the book for my DEN class. and they didn't have it. then i went to the wb to pick up the equipment for the interviews i need for viscom by tuesday. i got the shit and then drove home. then i picked up my check and went and said hi to people at work. i found out that Amy, my boss, is going to start putting me on midnights on the weekends. im really excited about it because that means ill get home from work at eight thirty in the am and have all day to do whatever i want. i think its going to be a good thing. anyways. after i picked up my check i went over to kaylas and we went out to dinner...met up with thomas and donald, austin and kevin, and eventually matthew. i set up the recorder and preceded to ask them a series of questions, which.. with every single question came a series of debates between kevin and donald. we spent about two and a half hours on about ten questions. much more time then i had anticipated. Donald and Kevin left and matt came home, then we went and got food and ended the night watching the last three episodes of dexter season 4.. HOLY SHIT btw.

all in all it was a pretty good day, I miss Andrew, but. ha. who am i kidding. i always miss Andrew.
work tomorrow at 1:30-10. don't expect anything amazing...or should you?

5/365 January 5th, 2010

5/365 January 5th, 2010

I am SO excited! When I got home from work today I had a package waiting for me from Fed-Ex! It was my DirecTv wireless adapter for my DVR box. It will allow me to access the "On Demand" portion of their service.

The reason for this, is "Dexter". A couple of months ago we borrowed Seasons 1-3 from a friend, as we've heard nothing but good things about the show. Everyone we know, who watches it, raves about it. We decided to check it out. After the first couple of episodes we were hooked and we flew through the rest of the Seasons we had. Season 4 finished up on TV about the same time we finished up Season 3 on DVD. Instead of waiting for it to be release on DVD we decided to go the "On Demand" route.

I spent the afternoon setting up my adapter and playing around with the new service. We are currently waiting for all the information to populate, and then it will begin downloading the 12 episodes of Season 4 for us right onto our DVR box. I cannot wait to dig into it!!!

watch dexter season 4 episode 1

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